Logic Circuit Designer - Auto

Logic Design - Automatic

The free Logic Design Auto software automatically designs, minimizes and simulates small computer logic circuits.  All types of digital logic are supported:  Combinational - Sequential - Synchronous - Asynchronous.

User Guide

See Logic Design Auto Help for detailed documentation.

Design Minimization

The Logic Design software searches for digital circuits that provide the transfer function specified by the Input Window truth table, signal timing diagrams or waveforms.  In general, the first circuit solution found will be the simplest solution possible.  Refer to U.S. Patent 6253365 "Automated design system for digital circuits".

Input Specification Window

The input-output signal relationship of the logic circuit or state machine can be specified by a truth table or a timing diagram.  Data can be edited, cut and pasted, or loaded from a file.

Logic Design features

Logic functions - inverter, and, or, nand, nor, xor, xnor logic gates and D flip-flops

Flip-flop state initialization

Spike/glitch detection

Logic states - 0 1 x r f    (0, 1, don't care, rising, falling)

For detailed part descriptions, refer to Logic Parts Data

Output Window Options

Output Options are identical to the Logic Design Draw and Logic Simulation tools.  The Output window can display any or all of the following: logic circuit input signals, Boolean equation, netlist, schematic drawing and timing waveforms.