Boolean vs. Logic Design Auto

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Minimizer Algorithms

Boolean logic (or Boolean algebra) minimization generally follows a Karnaugh map approach, also known as a Veitch diagram, K-map, or KV-map.  The Boolean Minimizer software uses Espresso(© UC Berkeley) algorithms to implement Karnaugh mapping and to optimize minimization.

In contrast, the Logic Minimizer software performs automated logic design by searching for circuits that match the transfer function specified by the input and output signal waveforms.  Because the search begins with the smallest number of gates or flip-flops, the first circuit solution found will generally be the simplest possible solution.

Function Boolean Logic Design - Auto
  Boolean Equation yes Boolean tool "Logic Design" output
      Operators not and or
nand nor xor xnor
      Operator Formats VHDL PALASM ABEL C "
  Truth Table / Waveform Truth Table Waveform
  Variables / Input Signals 1 - 20 1 - 10
Logic States 0, 1, x 0, 1, x, r, f
  Combinational logic yes yes
  Sequential logic - yes
  Synchronous logic - yes
  Asynchronous logic - yes
Minimization method Espresso Iterative search & compare
  Boolean Equation not and or inv and or
nand nor xor xnor  dff
  Truth Table / Waveform Truth Table Waveform
  Logic Schematic Drawing - inv and or
nand nor xor xnor  dff
Speed Very Fast Fast to Very Slow