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The Random Number software generates from 1-99,999 random numbers in a specified range of -99,999 to 99,999.  The randomizer is initialized by using the system timer as the new seed value.


In addition to Save and Print options, the File menu provides a Select MapFile option that can be used to select a file to be used by the Map Names Output option.


The Search box can be used to highlight signal names, numbers or text in the Output window.  To search, enter the text to be found and then press the Enter key.  This will highlight up to 100 instances of the Search text.

To clear all highlighting, delete all text in the Search box and press Enter.


Output functions and formats can be selected by the following options:

Unique - Skips repeated numbers. If a number repeats, the software discards it and generates the next random number.

Map Names - Replaces positive numbers (1 2 3 ...) with letters, names or symbols (a b c   Dog Cat Bird   @ # $) listed in a standard ASCII text file.  Several example Map files are provided in the SSolver\bin\MapFile directory including hexadecimal numbers 0-F, alphabet letters a-z and a list of 90 animal names.

Map file a-Z0-9(62).txt can be used to create alphanumeric passwords using letters a-z, A-Z and numbers 0-9.

Word Wrap – Prints the output in a row with word wrap.