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1.  Font size

For all SimpleSolver tools, the Font is fixed as "Courier New".  However the font Size can be adjusted and viewed by clicking the Up/Down arrows of the Font/Size box.
The Font size (in points) can range from 1 to 32

Tip - The font-size prior to this option was 9.5
Note - The font can also be adjusted using the Zoom menu.

2.  Indentation - Tab size

The Tab Size box specifies the number of spaces inserted when the Tab key is pressed.

Tip - The Tab size prior to this option was 3.

3.  Help file source - Built-In or Web

SimpleSolver Help files can be opened from either the SSolver\bin\SupportFiles folder or the SimpleSolver web site -

Tip - This Option is "Global" - a Built-In/Web selection made in any tool will be copied to all tools.

Notes - If the "Web" option is selected and the Internet or web site is not available, Help files will be loaded from the SupportFiles folder.

The SupportFiles folder is updated each time a new SimpleSolver version is installed, while the Web site is updated when a new version is released or a Help file is improved/corrected.

4.  SimpleSolver Version check

Simple Solver can be configured to periodically read the most-current SimpleSolver version number from the SimpleSolverLogic web site.  If the version number is newer, "New Version Available" will be displayed at the top-right corner of the SimpleSolver window.   Note - Version checks are only done when SimpleSolver is starting up.

The Enable checkbox enables/disables the periodic reading/checking.

The number in the "Days" box selects the number of days between version checks.  For example "5" Days will provide a check once every 5 days.  The Days number can be from 1 to 99.

Tip - This Option is "Global" - Version check settings made in any tool will be copied to all tools.

Version-check Security - The SimpleSolverLogic web site requires the client PC to have Transport Level Security (TLS) 1.2 or higher to read the SimpleSolver version number.  TLS 1.2 may not be available on older PCs (such as XP or Vista) which will cause an error message of "Version_check Error: The requested security protocol is not supported."

To eliminate these error messages, uncheck the Options/SSolver Version-check "Enable" check-box.