Development Tool Credits

Development Tools

SimpleSolver is built using the following tools:

Tool Description
Language SimpleSolver is written in Visual Basic .NET

Espresso is written in C and was ported to C++
Compilers Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015

Microsoft C++ 2008 Express
Source Code Editor SSL Program Editor
Change Control Beyond Compare 3
Graphics Editor IrfanView 4.3
HTML Editor SSL Program Editor,  KompoZer 0.8b3
Espresso © UC Berkeley, Espresso Version #2.3

Recommended Reading

An excellent logic design textbook is:

"Digital Design with Standard MSI & LSI" by Thomas R. Blakeslee

 It is thorough yet concise,  and includes "Nasty Realities" chapters that cover
 hardware design concerns such as race conditions, noise, and hardware reliability.