Sample Screenshots

Screenshot  Examples

The below Screenshots show screenshots for some of the major ProgramEdit functions.


Regular Expression Highlight

The Regular Expression "break|exit" specifies that the "Text to find" is "break" or "exit".  This will find and highlight all cases of the text "break" and "exit".


File Find All

This example shows a multi-file search for the word "switch".  All ".java" files in the Folder (directory) are searched;  27 lines in 10 files are found.


Color Select

Ten ProgramEdit colors are selectable.  This example shows color selection of the Main menu bar.



Sessions can be created to save and restore PgmEdit settings for any number of different projects: Program source code, web page HTML, email text, data tables, notes ...

Hex Viewer

Hexadecimal file viewer

Files can be viewed as a read-only list of hexadecimal codes(00-FF).  Each line shows the hex codes for 32 bytes in the file.  The right-most column shows the corresponding 32 ASCII characters of the Hex codes.


Customize Shortcuts

Most ProgramEdit shortcuts can be customized.  For example the Date shortcut could be changed from the F3 key to a combination of the Ctrl key and the D key (Ctrl+D)


Bookmark Set

Up to 15 Bookmarks are available.  They can be set or cleared, and can be used to navigate (Go To) within one file and/or between many files.
This example shows the Set dialog; the Clear Dialog is similar.

Note that bookmarks can also be set or cleared directly by Right-clicking the Bookmark icons.