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ProgramEdit Change Log Summary

7-19-21  Version 5.0.5
- add "Save" to the File-Tab Right-click menu
- add Char 255 Spell Check Error to PgmEdit Known Bugs
- update Help file

6-16-21  Version 5.0.4
- fix NetSpell Spell Check Line-Change-indicator bug
- fix several minor bugs

5-15-21  Version 5.0.3
- add Tools/Spell Dictionary Installer
- fix two minor bugs

4-18-21  Version 5.0.2
- add Spell Check ("abc" icon)

1-03-21  Version 5.0.1
- add View/ZoomIn & ZoomOut
- fix several minor bugs

10-29-20  Version 5.0
- fix Block Comment color errors
  - this corrects C, C#, CSS, Java, JavaScript, PHP, SQL and Verilog colors
- fix minor Zoom 100% bug

10-22-20  Version 4.9.9
- fix Mouse-Wheel Zoom bugs
- fix several minor bugs
- update Help files

9-13-20  Version 4.9.8
- add View/Zoom 100% menu item
- fix several minor bugs
- update Help files

8-04-20  Version 4.9.7
- enable Date, Date Time, Insert Character and "Text Only" Recent Macros menus for Column Edit
- update PgmEdit to TLS 1.2 to eliminate Version check error message
- fix minor Highlight bug
- restore editing line/column positions after Trim Trailing Whitespace

7-13-20  Version 4.9.6
- fix Highlight bug
- fix bug in Find Next searches that follow an AllWords Highlight

6-14-20  Version 4.9.5
- add "All Words" option to Highlight
- update Search Help
- fix several minor bugs

5-18-20  Version 4.9.4
- change Macros file-Save format to Windows
- fix minor bugs
- update Search Help

4-13-20  Version 4.9.3
- add Settings icon
- fix minor bugs in Paste, UnDo and Insert Character
- update Help files

3-16-20  Version 4.9.2
- add language support for XML
- minor Search and Bookmark improvements
- fix several minor bugs

2-10-20  Version 4.9.1
- Update Language Settings to add Languages and replace Built-in Languages
- fix SQL "--" comment bug
- fix several other minor bugs

1-07-20  Version 4.9
- add Language Settings (Tools menu) - this dialog lists all PgmEdit-supported Languages and their settings.
- fix minor SaveAs bug
- fix several other minor bugs

12-11-19  Version 4.8.9
- fix SaveAs Bookmark bug
- fix minor invalid Bookmark bug
- fix minor case-sensitive SaveAs bug

11-07-19  Version 4.8.8
- Improve File Tab visibility for files that have unsaved changes
- fix minor Save All bug for "New?" window
- fix minor New? bug

10-09-19  Version 4.8.7
- fix Replace & File Replace LineChange Indicator bugs
- fix two minor File/Save-As bugs
- minor Help file updates

9-09-19  Version 4.8.6
- add support for SQL Query language
- minor update to Options dialog
- fix several minor bugs
- update Help files

8-12-19  Version 4.8.5
- add Read-only text protection for Hidden files
- Improve column selection for Column Edit
- fix several Line Change Indicator bugs
- fix minor View/Line Numbers bug
- update menu items for Read-Only files
- update Help files

7-16-19  Version 4.8.4
- fix minor Backspace key bugs
- fix Line-Change-Bar bugs
- fix minor File/Lock bug
- fix Read-only file bugs
- add dynamic detection of Read-only files

6-27-19  Version 4.8.3
- In addition to the ProgramEdit C: Drive installer, add a Portable (USB-drive) installer

6-18-19  Version 4.8.3
- fix minor Edit/Paste bug - Eliminate jump to top-of-screen after multiple Pasting

6-12-19  Version 4.8.2
- fix multiple Edit/Paste bug
  - this corrects possible errors when long lines are pasted two or more times
- fix minor WordWrap bug

5-23-19  Version 4.8.1
- minor update

4-22-19  Version 4.8
- add "All Words" option to File Find
- update Search Help

3-26-19  Version 4.7.9
- add "All Words" option to the Find dialog
- update Help files

2-26-19  Version 4.7.8
- correct Status Bar bug
- minor improvements to all Search dialogs

2-05-19  Version 4.7.7
- minor update

1-02-19  Version 4.7.6
- add Option: "Overwrite text/Show MsgBox" to detect selection of Overwrite mode (Insert key)
- fix minor Match-Brackets bug
- update Help files

11-26-18  Version 4.7.5
- correct several minor bugs
- update Help file

10-15-18  Version 4.7.4
- add adjustments to Line Change indicators when other lines are added or removed
- fix minor Help/About bug
- update several Help files

9-18-18  Version 4.7.3
- add selectable Color for Line Change indicators
- update Search DropDownArray lists to eliminate duplicate items
- fix minor Line Rectangle color bug
- fix several other minor bugs
- update several Help files

9-03-18  Version 4.7.2
- fix non-selected Font bug.  This corrects PgmEdit first-time installation Font problems
- fix minor Line Change Indicator bug

8-29-18  Version 4.7.1
- add Line Change Indicators
- fix several minor bugs
- update Help files

7-31-18  Version 4.7
- correct minor Version_check error
- update (3) Help files

7-02-18  Version 4.6.9
- add Security update to correct Version Check bug
- fix several minor bugs

6-26-18  Version 4.6.8
- add File/Lock function
- fix two minor bugs

5-30-18  Version 4.6.7
- add Options/File backups/files(maximum) to enable up to 9-levels of file backups
- fix Status Bar Insert/Overwrite bug

4-04-18  Version 4.6.6
- add an individual "BackupSettings" folder to each Session folder
- add File filter "Exclude files" for File Find and File Replace
- fix several Column-Edit selection bugs
- fix several other minor bugs

3-14-18  Version 4.6.5
- add Tools/Trim Trailing WhiteSpace
- add Option/Backup folder files (maximum)
- fix minor bug in Replace/Replace All for Regular Expressions

2-21-18  Version 4.6.4
- update Tidy to v5.6.0
- add View/File icons menu item
- update Main Menu Help file

1-29-18  Version 4.6.3
- add View/Print icons menu item
- update several Help files
- fix shortcut bug for Tools menu
- fix repeating bug when all files are closed

1-05-18  Version 4.6.2
- add Major update to Command Line interface
- add Shortcut setting to all Icon ToolTips
- fix minor bug

12-12-17  Version 4.6.1
- add automatic file backup
- update Options dialog
- fix two minor file-reload bugs

11-28-17  Version 4.6
- add support for Unicode (UTF-8, UTF-16 encoding) files
- update Highlight dialog operation
- correct several minor bugs

11-07-17  Version 4.5.9
- add View Hexadecimal for ASCII files
- fix several minor bugs

10-17-17  Version 4.5.8
- add Regular Expression "Special Chars" descriptions
- fix several minor bugs

9-26-17  Version 4.5.7
- add Save/Convert for Windows, Unix and Mac file formats
- fix several minor bugs

8-31-17  Version 4.5.6
- add Options: Help file source and Version check
- minor improvements to Color dialog

8-14-17  Version 4.5.5
- add Column Edit Paste and Tab Left
- add SearchResults View menu
- correct minor bugs

7-24-17  Version 4.5.4
- add Delete to Edit Column Text
- fix several minor Column Edit bugs

7-12-17  Version 4.5.3
- add Column Edit text editing
- fix several minor bugs

6-06-17  Version 4.5.2
- Update Colors dialog: add two-color(Text & Background) options for Keywords, Comments, and Strings

5-17-17  Version 4.5.1
- fix minor Column Edit bugs

5-03-17  Version 4.5
- add Column Edit: Cut, Copy, Delete
- correct bug in Restore and Sessions/Open
- fix several minor bugs

3-21-17  Version 4.4.2
- Security Update #3: add Digital Signature to PgmEdit Installer

3-09-17  Version 4.4.1
- Security Update #2: add Digital Signature
- add periodic check for new PgmEdit versions
- fix minor bug

1-23-17  Version 4.4
- Security Update: Install Executable files in Program Files/Program Files (x86) directory
- add DLL to correct Tidy bug

12-14-16  Version 4.3
correct several minor bugs
update Help files

11-01-16  Version 4.2
add Options/Date Format
add Options/Date-Time Format
fix two minor bugs

10-06-16  Version 4.1.1
Disable ProgramEdit weekly "New Version Available" check which may cause a false Firewall Error

10-03-16  Version 4.1
add Recent Macros Right-click menu
add Find All Double-click option
add file-open check to Macro play/run
fix minor Edit-shortcuts bug

9-07-16  Version 4.0
add Recent Macros list
update Macros Help
add minor improvement to Customize Shortcuts

8-11-16  Version 3.9
add editing to Saved Macros
update Macro functions
update Help files
add WARNING for recursive Replace hazards
fix minor bug in Highlight, FileFind, FileReplace

7-21-16  Version 3.8
add Macros capability: Keystroke recording, playback and save

6-15-16  Version 3.7
update System Requirements.txt to clarify the recommended installation folder
fix minor bug with startup file Tab
fix bookmark bug when the bookmark is beyond the end of file

5-19-16  Version 3.6
add Auto Indent option to enable/disable Auto-indent
correct Auto-Indent to include Tab characters as well as spaces
made numerous minor improvements
add an error check for empty files for FileFind and FileReplace
fix a number of bugs related to "New?" windows

4-26-16  Version 3.5
add "Select file[s]" button to File Find and File Replace dialogs
smaller PgmEdit executable due to new 2015 .NET compiler
faster Web Help
correct minor (whitespace) PrintPreview/Print bug

3-31-16  Version 3.4
Correct a serious bug: quickly repeated PgmEdit Help requests can cause PgmEdit to stop responding (hang/freeze/lockup)

3-23-16  Version 3.3
add Tidy error-checker for html/xml files
add language extensions cmd, c++, erb, jse, pm, shtml
clear the text window and line numbers when all files are closed
update Extended ASCII table
fix minor bug that could prevent language keywords from being colored
fix minor file drag-drop bug
fix Go-To-Line bug with HT(TAB) characters
Made several other minor improvements

3-01-16  Version 3.2
Add "Selected text" option to Find/Find All
Add the ability to view Link (.lnk) files
Update PgmEdit Help & ASCII_Table files
Correct bugs that prevented inserting & viewing extended ASCII characters 128-159
Correct SaveAs and Open .rtf file bugs
Made several other minor improvements

2-09-16  Version 3.1
Add Insert Character/Symbol option
Add Clear Recent File List option
Improve & expand PgmEdit Help
Update ASCII Tables tool
Update PgmEdit Installer

1-19-16  Version 3.0
Add Sort Lines option
Add Caret Line Marker No-Color option
Fix Proportional-font Line Numbers bug
Made several minor improvements

12-15-15  Version 2.9
Add View/Line Numbers option
Fix minor bugs in Binary file "Save As" function
Fix Find-All bug for "New?" files
Eliminate a partial Caret line box when scrolling down
Improve Title to always show "File is Read-Only" for Binary and other Read-Only files

11-23-15  Version 2.8
Add "Left margin" to Options/Wordwrap
Add Copy file name, Copy full path to File Tab right-click menus
Update PgmEdit, Find-Replace and Options Help files
Add instructions to Find-Replace "Special Chars" Help
Fix "Replace All" bug for Regular Expression with $ substitutions
Fix bug in Replace/ReplaceAll Selected text mode
Correct two other minor bugs

11-09-15  Version 2.7
Add support for binary files:  Bytes are shown in Hexadecimal format, and the corresponding Ascii characters are also shown (if viewable) or periods(.) are shown (if not viewable).
Add a Preview mode option(Tools/Options/Binary file hex view) to limit the hex/ascii view to 10,000 lines.
Decrease load time for monochrome files.
Correct several minor bugs (bracket double-click, SaveAs RTF).

10-06-15  Version 2.6
Add Highlight color option
Add red-text to file Tabs that have unsaved changes
Add Session Name to the PgmEdit Title
Update the Sessions dialog and its capabilities
Refine the alignment of bookmarks for all fonts and font sizes
Correct a bug that caused bookmarks to be lost after the font is changed or after lines of text are added/deleted
Correct several other minor bugs

9-16-15  Version 2.5
Add language support for Perl, PHP, Python & Ruby
Add a dotted-rectangular border around the line being edited
Correct the line (Ln) number when down-selecting multiple lines
Improve line alignment of Bookmarks
Correct several minor bugs

8-18-15  Version 2.4
Add capability to create & select multiple editing Sessions
Correct Print/Print Preview inconsistancies

7-22-15  Version 2.3
Add Font menu to select Font family: Consolas, Courier New, Lucida Console, etc.
Add Options Help file
Add Print Preview
Update Tab function to eliminate text-overwrite cases
Update "This file has been modified by another program" function to show current text of file

6-30-15  Version 2.2
Add Tools/Font size option.
Improve bookmarks so that bookmarks follow their original line of text when lines are added/removed before the bookmark.
Correct minor bug with Drag-Drop editing (Moved block is Selected).
Add editing support for Ctrl+Backspace (Delete to start of word).

6-03-15  Version 2.1   -   Add Status Bar display of Decimal/Hexadecimal character codes.
Add the capability to Double-Click for a Bracket Match.
Add Invert Case.
Add context menus for Bookmarks 1-9,A-F (Right-click).  This provides an easier way to Set, Clear and GoTo a bookmark.
Add Help/Bookmark Help.

5-05-15  Version 2.0   -   Added the capability for multiple file filters for File Find and File Replace.  Added Replace/Replace ALL.  Made numerous improvements to Find/Replace including find/replace counts in the Status bar.  Expanded PgmEdit Help and Find-Replace Help, and corrected a minor bug in File/Restore Settings.

4-08-15  Version 1.9   -   Added a number of features:  a list of Built-in Shortcuts, View/Edit icons, View menu shortcuts, MatchBrackets/UnDo/ReDo in the Right-click context menu, Replace "Selected text" option, auto-backup of PgmEdit settings, and File/Restore Settings to restore PgmEdit settings.  Corrected several minor bugs.

3-16-15  Version 1.8   -   Added Customize Shortcuts tool.  Corrected Lower/Upper/Proper Case shortcut bug.  Added Highlight "Selected text" option.

2-23-15  Version 1.7   -   Updated Find-Replace Help file to clarify the differences in "Text to find" and "Replace with" Regular Expression syntax.  Added a newline ("\n") function for Regular Expression "Replace with".   Changed Select Line shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+Down for Microsoft compatibility.  Added shortcuts for date, time, and upper/lower/proper case.  Updated View/Title to allow all combinations of Path & First line.

2-03-15  Version 1.6   -   Added a Help file (F1) for Highlight, Find, and Replace dialogs - this file describes all dialog entry fields and provides Regular Expression examples.  Updated numerous editor functions including Language Comment, binary file detection, New Version check, Transpose, and Title path.

1-12-15  Version 1.5   -   Updated Tab and TabLeft functions for MS Visual Studio compatibility.   Added View option: Find-Replace icons, Color choice for the Caret Line Marker, and Date/Date & Time icons.   Corrected one minor bug (Status bar "secs").

12-17-14  Version 1.4   -   Added MatchBrackets and Date/Time functions.  Made several improvements including faster program startup time.

12-01-14  Version 1.3   -   Added SelectLine & GoTo functions, and first-line Title option.   Expanded menus and/or ToolTips.  Corrected several minor bugs (external Paste, Tab spacing, UnComment).

11-06-14  Version 1.2   -   Added (6) optional bookmarks and wordwrap, file Explorer, file Open With functions

10-16-14  Version 1.1   -   Added Regular Expressions for search/replace

9-03-14  Version 1.0   -   Install file rebuild

8-25-14  Version 1.0   -   Initial release